Hiroshi Ikeda (池田 裕) shihan

Hiroshi Ikeda shihan (池田 裕 師範) is founder and chief instructor of Boulder Aikikai (黎明塾). He began his study of aikido (合気道) in 1968 at the aikido club of Kokugakuin University in Tokyo, of which Mitsugi Saotome shihan was the chief instructor. Upon graduation, he trained regularly at Hombu Dojo and at Saotome sensei’s Reimeijuku Dojo in Tokyo. In 1976 he followed Saotome sensei to the U.S., and taught in Sarasota, Florida, from 1978 until 1980, when established Boulder Aikikai (also Reimeijuku Dojo). He is a frequent guest instructor at aikido seminars and camps in the U.S. (including the annual Aikido Summer Camp in the Rockies) and internationally (including the annual 9 day camp sponsored by Aikido Harmonie in Le Vigan, France, and bridges in Istanbul, Turkey and Kyoto, Japan), and has established a series of friendship bridge seminars.  For many years, he has been visiting New York City annually to conduct workshops.  His mission in teaching is to inspire students to continually discover something new about their aikido and about themselves.  Ikeda sensei is a member of Aikido Shimbokukai.

Ikeda sensei is featured in a number of DVDs he produced through Bujin Design (Irimi – Iriminage, Buki – Jo & Bokken, Koshi – Koshinage, and Za – Suwariwaza), which are available through his website.

Please check here for Ikeda sensei’s seminar schedule.

Hiroshi Ikeda shihan Aikido Hiroshi Ikeda sensei, Tracy Alpert and Sherman Lau

Aikido Hiroshi Ikeda Irimi Buki Koshi Za DVD