Notable seminars and NYCA class breaks 2020

Jan. 17-19 Tres Hofmeister sensei seminar in New York

Feb. 7-9  Hiroshi Ikeda shihan & Tres Hofmeister sensei seminar in DC

Mar. 18-22  Jan Nevelius shihan seminar in NYC (event canceled for COVID-19)

Apr. 3-4  Mitsugi Saotome shihan ‘Cherry Blossom” seminar in Washington, DC (event canceled for COVID-19)

July 1-5  ASU Summer Camp (NYCA classes canceled) (event canceled for COVID-19)

July 23-26  Rockies Boulder Summer Camp (NYCA classes canceled)

October 2-4 Hiroshi Ikeda shihan in New York

Nov. 26-28 (class canceled for Thanksgiving break)

Dec. 21-Jan. 2 (all classes canceled for winter break)

Kyu testing at NYCA (Nov. 21, 2017)

Halloween Seminar in DC (Oct. 27-29, 2017)

NYCA Chief Instructor Tracy Alpert will be teaching at the Fall Seminar at Aikido Shobukan Dojo, in Washington, D.C., Fri.-Sun., Oct. 27-29, 2017.

Senior ASU instructors Ania Small (Aikido of Maine), Kamenna Lee (Aikido Shobukan Dojo), and Melissa Bell (12th Street Dojo, Sarasota) will also be teaching.

For more information and registration, click here ASD Fall Seminar 2017.  Please also check on the event on Facebook.

NYCA’s regular Saturday morning class is canceled on Oct. 28, in support of the event.

Kyu testing at NYCA (May 25, 2017)