Schedule of classes at NYCA 2017


New York City Aikido currently conducts regularly scheduled classes three days a week.  There may be additional training sessions conducted on an ad hoc, RSVP basis.

The class schedule (and instructor lineup) is subject to change.  See our calendar.  Private sessions may be available (please contact us).

RSVP Flex           time and location may vary week to week (Sherman) *

Tuesdays            5:00-6:15 pm (Sherman); 6:15-8:00 pm (Tracy)   Pearl, Room 405 (4th floor)

Thursdays           5:00-6:15 pm (Sherman); 6:15-8:00 pm (Tracy)   Pearl, Room 405 (4th floor)

Saturday             10-12 pm (Tracy)     Pearl, PH1 (accessible through stairs from the 12th floor)

The start and the end of classes may involve mat set-up and breakdown, and so class times may be shortened accordingly.

* “RSVP Flex” class is a weekly class for members and regular visitors.  Time and location may vary week to week, and are announced through invitation.  Currently these classes are scheduled for the outdoors, and are subject to good weather.  RSVP is required.  Confirmed classes are posted on the NYCA Google calendar.

When Saturday classes are located at Pearl Studios Room PH1, we will typically utilize jo or bokken for part of the session.  Please bring your jo or let us know in advance if you need to borrow one.

Currently, all classes are mixed level.  Classes are generally principles based, and may address physical, psychological and spiritual elements of aikido.  Various topics or themes may be covered, and practice methods utilized, such as in-yo ho (yin-yang), timing and ma-ai, technique (kihonhenka, and kaeshi waza), randori (multiple attacker), ukemi (attacking, receiving, soft ukemi — falling and rolling), ki musubi (connection) and sensitivity drills, core strengthening, body structure and alignment work, internal exercises, etc.

Canceled Classes

In 2017, to accommodate seminar and other activity, classes will not be held on the following Saturdays:

Feb. 18  (Hiroshi Ikeda shihan and George Ledyard sensei seminar in DC)

Mar. 18  (Jan Nevelius shihan seminar in NYC)

Apr. 8  (Mitsugi Saotome shihan ‘Cherry Blossom” seminar in DC)

Apr. 29  (Mary Heiny sensei seminar in NYC / Dan Messisco sensei in Portland, ME)

May 28  (William Gleason sensei seminar in Great Barrington, MA)

Jun. 10  (Mitsugi Saotome shihan seminar in NYC / Hiroshi Ikeda shihan seminar in Portland, ME)

Jun. 24

Jul. 1 (ASU Summer Camp in Washington, D.C.)

Jul. 29 (Boulder Aikikai Rockies Summer Camp in Colorado)

Sep. 23 (Hiroshi Ikeda shihan seminar in NYC)

Oct. 28 (Tracy Alpert sensei at “Fall Seminar” in Washington, D.C.)

Nov. 11 (Mary Heiny sensei seminar)

Nov. 25 (Nov. 23 Thu. as well)

Dec. 30 (Dec. 26 Tue and Dec. 28 as well)

Classes are canceled if they otherwise fall on major holidays.  For 2017, this includes Tue. July 4 and Thu. November 23.  Other holiday period or other cancelations may be announced closer to the time.

Training Attire

Although it is preferable that those practitioners who normally wear hakama (black or blue wide-legged, pleated trousers) do so, all classes are hakama optional.  For those staying only for the first “session,” although wearing a keiko (training) gi (judo or karate style uniform) is preferable, it is also optional; instead of gi, loose fitting long pants and long sleeve T-shirt are acceptable.  Please consider arriving a 5-10 minutes early to change (the studios have restrooms and small changing rooms on each floor).

For RSVP Flex outdoor training, training attire is comfortable long pants, and T-shirt; long sleeve shirt is also recommended.  Bring drinking water too.

Iwata hakama (aizome - indigo), New York aikido


Regularly scheduled classes are held in midtown Manhattan at Pearl Studios, located at 500 Eighth Avenue (between 35th and 36th Streets), on the 4th or 12th floor.  Room assignments may vary.  Tuesday and Thursday classes generally will be in room 405 (4th floor), and Saturday classes room PH1 (take elevator to the 12th floor and walk a flight of stairs — check with the front desk on 12 to be directed to the proper stairwell).  (There are video screens on each floor, with room assignments.  If necessary, ask at the Pearl Studios front desk for “TASL Arts” or “New York City Aikido,” especially as room assignments may change last minute.)  Please bring ID, as the building lobby personnel checks ID for all people coming into the building.